SOA Solutions

KAI provides intelligent enterprise level software solutions that significantly accelerates our customer’s mission and business objectives. Our solutions for our previous customers address the key elements of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based environments that result in reusable components and high ROI, together with direct traceability to customer requirements and goals. KAI architects SOA systems that are vertically and horizontally scalable, with high availability, and that work against large data sets. Enterprise testing, cross application discovery, governance and training are areas where KAI excels to meet our customers complex requirements. KAI provides both tools and services, extensive experience and expertise in the delivery of SOA solutions, semantically enabled, secure, and intelligent services and registries. KAI provides certified experienced SOA architects and senior developers.

KAI SOA Expertise Includes:

  • Scalability and Availability Designed Into Solutions From Inception
  • Traceability to Requirements and Goals
  • Open Standards and Enterprise Architectures
  • Semantically Aware Data Services
  • Incremental and Agile Development for Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Governance and Metrics Integrated Throughout Program
  • Focus on Testing Using Inherent Scalability Laboratories. Use a test framework and tools for automated testing
  • Security and Confidentiality developed from very beginning
  • Plan for longevity and reuse