From the CEO of KAI

The mission of Knowledge Analytics is to develop intelligent solutions for our stakeholder's problems using state of the art technologies and methodologies. First and foremost KAI strives to be our client's trusted partners at all times, under all circumstances. We are a comprehensive supplier of top notch IT services to the public and private sector. One of our unique capabilities is to transform structured and unstructured data into information, which can then be converted into computable knowledge. We then apply our advanced analytics capabilities to the following domains:

  • Intelligent Cybersecurity for Areas Such as Security Automation, Security Compliance, Security Operations, Identity & Access Governance, Fraud Detection and Insider Threats
  • Cloud Governance and Integration Increasing The Speed of Integration and Building In Automation Where Applicable
  • Building Agile and Adaptive Systems That Fully Integrates Business and Technical Architectures for the Enterprise